• Personalized logistics

Personalized logistics

Personalized logistics of high value products, that is what we do best. Your customer is in charge of the location and time frame for the pick-up and delivery of the (defective) product.

  • Anywhere: this can either be a home address as work address
  • Anytime: whenever it suits your customer (flexible time windows)
  • MyDynasure: Realtime Track & Trace through Google Maps
  • Status updates per e-mail/text for you and your customer
  • Always up to date: your customer stays informed during the entire process
  • Doorstep ID checks

Safe & Secure guaranteed

The transport of privacy-sensitive products and/or high-value products is a risky undertaking. Dynasure, reduces this risk to a minimum by taking various measures.

  • Flight cases and sealing
    Products can be shipped in sealed flight cases. The customer unseals the flight case.
  • Secured vehicles
    Our vehicles are equipped with an advanced alarm system, a gate lock and a panic button.
  • Training of the couriers
    Our couriers participate in various safety- and assertiveness training sessions.
  • Patented scan
    In case specific data is required, this will be scanned and encrypted according to an international acknowledged standard of security: The Rijndael encryption algorithm. The American NIST has chosen this algorithm as ‘The new Standard’ and is used by all American government agencies. The data transfer takes place via a secured connection, with which the data does not come into a Dynalogic courier’s possession.