• Screening & Repair

Screening & Repair

Thorough assessment
The moment a defective product enters one of our repair centers we first conduct an inspection. Our specialists examine the damage, determine how it originated and how to fix it. This is always carried out by an expert specialized in that particular product.

Almost all 'personal' electronics
Everything under one roof
We employ experts for almost all types of electronic consumer products. For the remaining products, we switch to a qualified and contracted partner. We manage all these different organizations for you, so you have one clear point of contact. We have arranged favorable agreements with all of our partners.

We handle claims and repairs for the following products:

  • Smartphones and PDAs
  • Laptops , netbooks and tablets
  • TVs , decoders and coffee machines

Cut claim costs
To a minimum
Insurance policies stay relatively inexpensive where claims keep rising. This is due to the expensive technology behind the products consumers purchase. Take a smartphone, for example: A smart but delicate device. Damage can easily run into the hundreds of euros. It is very expensive to reverse the replacement value. It is much more cost effective to repair a defective product or to replace it with a refurbished device. Refurbished products are not new, but as good as new: Think of smartphones that are incorrectly ordered and returned within the consideration time.

Green Repair & Refurbishment
As durable as its gets
A lot of products are given a second life. For example, we salvage approved components from deprecated products to repair others. Of course we only do this after a thorough quality check and with warranty on that component. We recycle components that cannot be reused in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Reuse – Giving products and components a second life
  • Retention - Using new, unsaleable goods
  • Recycling - Environmentally friendly processing