• Our strength

Our strength

Our service is unique. We offer our partners an integrated and innovative chain of claim checks, logistics, warehousing, fulfillment, repair and process support.

Product instead of money
Fast and cost effective
A great advantage of our service is that we solve the core problem: We carry out repairs. Policyholders do not receive any financial compensation but a working product instead. Customers get the benefit of significantly reduced costs while adequately servicing their policyholders. It is more cost effective to offer repair.

Efficient services
We have every backoffice service that customers need. Call centers, software developers, repair centers and logistics. These components form a unified platform through which you can provide smarter and more efficient service. Our customers can utilize all our services or a selection of choice. This can lead to a cost reduction of up to 40%.

Increased customer loyalty
Satisfied policyholders
We think from your policyholders’ perspective and we deliver unprecedented quality. Your customers appreciate this, with increased customer loyalty and satisfaction (NPS, Net Promoter Score) as a result. Research by our customers indicate that their policyholders feel well assisted in their claims and have no reason to switch to a competitor.


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