• Claim management & Policy management

Claim management & Policy management

Claim Registration
Online or by phone
Policyholders can easily register their claim through either your own or through our website, and they can also do this by calling our call center. Our approach is always customized and is made to fit the specific needs of your company. To register claims we utilize either your trusted IT system, or our self-developed software. You and your employees will always have access to said data.

Claim Validation
Check with policy
When a policyholder calls in a claim we directly compare it with his policy, and online claims are followed up by our call center. We check whether the claimed damage can be reimbursed within the coverage of the given policy or not.

Policy Database
Management of all data
We can manage your database for you, saving you both manpower and costs and acting as your trusted database administrator behind the scenes. Address changes, registration of claim history, policy adjustments etc. We manage all the policy data for you using either your own or our software, while maintaining data accessibility for you and your employees.

Pick-up services
For fast delivery
If a claim is accepted our call center employee will immediately schedule a pick-up appointment with the policyholder. Your customer will receive a confirmation of the appointment using your company branding.

Fraud prevention
Thorough inspection and compensation trough service
A major concern is of course whether the claim is justified or not. Was the damage inflicted intentionally? Fraud costs a lot of money and raises policy rates. Our specialists will thoroughly assess how the damage originated: If the damage is not consistent with the policyholder’s statement, we will report the inspection results back to you. You can then decide whether or not to approve the repair or replacement of the device in question.